PlayStation survey hints at reputation system and other possible features

Sony’s latest PlayStation survey indicates that the company is planning to introduce a reputation system. The survey also highlights other features that Sony may be working towards. Some of the other features mentioned are invisibility, advanced matchmaking, ability to change PSN usernames and more.

The survey focuses on the would be reputation system by asking PlayStation members about how they would like it to work, and how they would rank their PlayStation Network community experience. It is possible that Sony is working on a reputation system much like the one announced by Microsoft.

However, the survey also covers a slew of other features that the company may implement in a future PS4 firmware update. In the survey, users can rate how appealing the following PS4 features would be: player reputation system, advanced matchmaking system, ability to chat across PlayStation platforms, ability to change your PlayStation username, ability to be invisible when online, ability to party chat with more than eight people at the time, ability to synchronize messages across platforms, and on-screen notifications when friends come online.

Although the survey focuses on the reputation system and online experience, it is interesting to see that Sony is mentioning that players may be able to change their PlayStation usernames.

We’ll let you know if we learn anything else on these features.

Watch Dogs close Beta spotted

A Watch Dogs closed beta has been spotted by two Reddit users who posted separate photos of the beta listed on the Xbox One Games Store yesterday. This may suggest that Ubisoft is giving players the chance to interact with the game before it hits later this year. However, if you were hoping to get in on the action, the listing is no longer there.

According to MP1st, the listing could be a hiccup of an internal beta that Ubisoft is conducting. It is possible that at one point or another, the beta may have accidentally gone external. With Watch Dogs’ launch date rapidly approaching, it is possible that Ubisoft is making sure their game works properly.

Last year, Watch Dogs was delayed from its original release date window as a PS4 and Xbox One launch title. The game will be in store shelves for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 27.
Ubisoft hasn’t made any announcements as of you yet, but we will update you once they do.