Pre-Series Analysis: FW VS SKT

The bracket stage is upon us now as 4 teams vie for title of 2016 MSI Champions. There were many surprises during group stage with CLG over performing to a 2nd seed standing. It was predicted for CLG to be the number 5 seed with FW as a number 3. There were almost no expectations for NA’s storied franchise to win any games except for those with Turkey.

Gut Prediction: CLG wins 3 games to 1


Why? CLG has swept FW on both games against each other. It is clear FW doesn’t respect CLG even after being routed 0-2 so far and that can only spell disaster to a team like CLG that never says never. CLG is very hot right now too. Coming off a high as the only team to defeat RNG during group stages is nothing to scoff at even for a Bo1.

Why people may disagree: Mandatory “It was Bo1 not a Bo5”. The games were close. RNG’s game was a fluke. They lost to Turkey.CLG chokes at big events.

Blueprints for success: FW

  • Caitlyn ban is not worth it. Picking could be worth it. Ban Kalista
  • Both Huhi and Darshan try very hard to make plays and sometimes get caught out stupidly because of this. Try to get Huhi and Darshan on low impact champions.
  • Darshan has been stellar on poppy. Let him use maokai if you value ekko and try to win sub30.
  • Standard lanes. CLG has been one of the best in lane swap scenarios.
  • Pick up alistar if they do not ban it.
  • The best player to try to exploit is Huhi. He has a lot more mental and mechanical miscues. Teams have tried to pick on botlane and toplane with no success.