The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth Review

The highly anticipated DLC for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth was released on October 30th which is appropriate since Halloween follows the next day. The overall expansion adds even more items, room layouts, bosses, and modes. This will be a relatively short review and I shall point out the major aspects of the DLC.

One of the major additions provided with the DLC are the items. Whether passive or active, the items add even more combinations and synergies that give a multitude of results. Some may benefit you while others may be your downfall, this definitely provokes more thought before picking up that new item. In regards to the items individually, there are a few that I can honestly do without. However, this all comes down to preference as each person will differ based on their gameplay style.

Another major addition provided with the DLC is Greed Mode. Prior to the DLC, we were only provided two modes which are Normal and Hard Mode. The player must clear 10 floors in order to reach mega greed which is a new boss introduced with Afterbirth. The player is presented with a normal room, treasure room, shop room, curse room, and a devil room (if you complete the entire floor) with each level until they reach the boss. After clearing one round, the player can immediately go to the next level if he or she chooses too. However, It is heavily encouraged to clear the floor entirely before moving onto the next floor to gain more powers and items. The level design of Greed Mode definitely strays away from Normal and Hard Mode. The player has more control in regards to the items they can gain and the number of monsters he or she takes on. Overall, the addition of Greed Mode provides new gameplay and an over experience in the event players get bored with Normal and Hard Mode.

The last major addition provided with the DLC is Lilith. Lilith is a new character where her power lies in her familiar. Since Lilith is blind, she relies on her familiar to attach in her place. Lilith also comes with her default item entitled “Box of Friends” which allows her to double the amount of familiars she currently has in her party so the more familiars she gains, the more powerful she becomes. Overall, the addition of Lilith provides more value to those who love to use familiars for their gameplay.

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth is an overall great expansion pack that provide hours of gameplay with new content. Those who enjoyed The Binding of Isaac Rebirth will enjoy The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth by default. All that’s left is to look forward to the new expansion pack.

A new version of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth will for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be released on May 10th.